Dragonfly Wall Hanging Kit

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The Dragonfly Wall Hanging Kit comes to us from our DMC Designer Collection. This design was the result of an amazing collaboration with Heather Lins of Heather Lins Home. Her design offers a gorgeous mix of tradition and modernity. Its background features a subtle geometric pattern inspired by the Japanese embroidery art form, Sashiko. Breaking from the geometry are two dragonflies in varying states of flight. Heather has created this pattern for embroiderers of all levels, so let your inner artist shine and give this wall hanging a home.

Skill level: Beginner

Designer: Heather Lins Home

The Dragonfly Wall Hanging Kit includes:
One 20” x 20” printed piece of cotton canvas6 skeins of embroidery threadDragonfly embroidery colors include: Body (E334), Purple front wing ( E718), Peach ( E967), Light Blue (E334), Back Wings (327, 550)Embroidery hoopNeedle18" set of hanging rails


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